Do you have a website that doesn’t rank on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing? Well you’re not alone and have probably figured out that it’s not doing you any good for being found on the internet through an organic search. Affordable Web Designer & SEO has got you covered! We specialize in local SEO for large or small service companies or store front businesses. SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engines include Google, Yahoo and Bing primarily. That’s the only 3 you should be concerned with and 2 of them share the same search results. Yahoo & Bing partnered up in 2010 and share the same rankings. Whatever you rank on one you’ll rank the same on the other.

Optimize means to enhance or make better. So SEO allows your website or web pages to rank better on the search engines. There are tactics used today to rank on the search engines. White Hat and Black Hat techniques. You should definitely use the White Hat approach even though it may take you a little longer your rankings wont one day just fall to the way side. Black Hat tactics will usually get you there a little faster but once you are caught and you will eventually get caught, you may fall out of the rankings all together. White Hat techniques make SEO Firms work harder at creating really great content since you can’t really use back linking software anymore.


The old days of creating really thin web pages with relatively little content and then running a back link campaign to get indexed and gain higher rankings is just about a thing of the past. It might work for Bing & Yahoo but it won’t work for Google. Google comes out with new algorithms periodically to ensure that people aren’t spamming their way to top page rankings. The old days of creating web pages with 200-300 words is going to be hard to rank without first gaining some authority in your specific niche. I try to come up with 750-1000 words of good quality content for my web pages. This is a lot more time consuming but it will definitely keep your click through rates up if you do come up with compelling content on a given topic.


There are so many web designers out there in the business today that don’t have a clue how to optimize a website so that it will actually rank high in the search results. There are over 200 ranking factors and things change so frequently that companies that knew what it took in 2015 to rank on the first page are still implementing those same tactics today, thinking they will get the same type of results. Affordable Web Designers & SEO specialists are always changing with the times and watch the newest SEO videos as well as tune in to all the Big SEO Newsletters and Blogs. We understand that you must keep your tools sharpened if you want to continue to stay atop in this very competitive niche. There are so many web designers & SEO firms out there today compared to 2010 when we first started in this industry. We have built our foundation on attention to detail and great customer satisfaction and we urge you to give us a call today!


Google searches make up about 65% of all world wide searches, while Bing gets about 20% and Yahoo receives another 12%. The remaining 3% are from Ask & AOL combined. Search engines use spiders, bots or spider bots to crawl and index websites and web pages. Just because you create a website or web page doesn’t mean that it’s been crawled or indexed. Both Google & Bing have webmaster tools to fetch a spider bot to crawl your site or page. However that still doesn’t mean that the site or page will get indexed. It just means that you are inserting it into their list for indexing.


Website & SEO companies often charge for or guarantee indexing if you purchase a site from them. This is probably the biggest scam in the web design & SEO business. In Googles’ words “XML sitemaps and links to inform and direct our crawlers, we hope to expand our coverage of the web and speed up the discovery of websites and addition of pages to our index”. Links are by far the easiest and fastest way to ensure search engines index your site or page. As the spider bots travel the World Wide Web they follow links, index a page, follow the links on that page to other pages and then index those pages. The more links to a site or page the more likely the page is picked up and indexed and the quicker it happens. Links don’t just bring search bots; they also bring people to your site. The more links and traffic you have the more relevant or important the search engines believe your site is to a given keyword or niche. Here at Affordable Web Designer & SEO we have the knowledge and expertise to get the results that other companies can only claim. It’s really simple, we have the same data as everybody else to get this done, and we just outwork them. So if you’re looking for SEO for your website or web pages then call us today for a free consultation. You’ll be glad you did!

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