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Affordable Web Designs & SEO specializes in local map optimization of Google, Yahoo & Bing and would love to get you the type of rankings you desire & deserve. If you currently have a business address where you can receive mail then you need to set up a local map through the 3 major search engines. If you have a map but it doesn’t rank well, then give us a call today! People often type location or city names before or after their keyword while searching for a local restaurant or service company. If they don’t provide a geographic term and the search engine believes it’s a local search, the search engine will guess and then look at a websites click through rate and bounce percentages to see how well each site link terminates the search. These stats are said to be the number 2 most important factor in 2017 for ranking on Google. The local map sections have different ranking factors as your location & IP address will determine which specific local results are used in the SERPs. If you are looking for a McDonalds and there are more than one in your city it will show the store closest to your particular location. The other most important factor for map rankings is local citations using (NAP) name, address & phone number consistencies throughout the local directories. These are equal to backlinks to a website. It’s not actually a link even though you can leave a link in a lot of the directories. It is really just a mention of your business using the same NAP as stated above.

Google My Business

It is very important to understand the layout of the Google search results since they make up over 65% of all online searches. There are 3 main parts of the page:

  • The Paid Ads or PPC section
  • The local map section
  • The organic section. 

Ignore the PPC advertising at this time and concentrate on the local maps and organic section since they will get you the best bang for your buck and return on investment since you won’t be charged every time someone clicks on your search results link. 

Having 3 sections to rank in can be both good and bad. Perhaps your website isn’t ranking well but you’re local map is ranking in the top 3.

This means that you have got more work to do. It’s our job to get you ranking in both of these search sections. The map optimization begins right inside your Google My Business page or dashboard. You must have a specific business name, address & telephone number for each location you have. If you have multiple locations you’ll need all of these for each location you own. Service companies should try to have a location in every city within their respective service area. These don’t have to be brick & mortar addresses since you serve customers at their homes. You will have to be able to receive mail however.


 The first thing we do is fill out every section of the business page adding categories, pictures, You Tube videos, hours of operation as well as your website URL. The key is to complete this task. Many companies I have done Local Map SEO for just didn’t give these search engines what they simply asked for. 


You will also want to try to get as many customer reviews on the maps because these reviews are part of the ranking algorithm. They will then send you a post card in the mail with in 1-2 weeks with an activation pin. Once the postcard arrives we insert it into the correct location and there you go.

Bing Places For Business

Bings search results are basically set up the same way as the Google search page. It’s set up with:

  • PPC at the top;
  • Bing Maps in the middle;
  • Organic search results at the bottom.

Their guidelines are a little more flexible than Googles but they are a little more difficult to get set up and optimize. I have had trouble receiving postcards for companies that I have set up Bing Places for Business pages for and I had a difficult time loading pictures onto these listings using the Microsoft Edge search engine. I had to take the whole Bing Places to Google Chrome just to load pictures. I will say they were a lot easier to deal with once I contacted support and they actually verified every listing I was awaiting postcards for by phone. I have never been able to get Google to allow this to happen with Google My Business. These are the 2 most important maps to set up and optimize and the last I checked Yahoo Local was charging $9.99 for the same thing you get for free with Google & Bing. Some of the local directories that you build citations with are also trying to charge for placement in their websites and many will contact you trying to get you to advertise with them for better placement and more exposure when doing so. I have never had any great results with any of these services and usually just stick with the basic listing. 


There are also certain citation directories that have more ranking power and they vary from niche to niche. I have worked with the same company for the last 5 years that build my citation listings for me and I always do a search of a client’s competition to see what niche specific citations that have acquired and start my citation building campaign gaining those same citations first and then going where they haven’t gone to get even more. I usually only do about a 100 citations per month and give them time to get indexed and see how the rankings are affected and see how many of the citations actually go live. It takes some of these directories a little longer to approver since some are done manually and they also want to try to sell each and every company an advertising package before they are included.

 If you are looking to rank higher in Google My Business &Bing Places for Business then you really should call Affordable Web Designer & SEO today! You’ll be glad you did!  You can also email us if you are seeing this web page after business hours and we will get back to you ASAP!


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