Lead generation

  • Let’s begin with the definition of lead generation. Lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest or enquiry into products or services of a business. What does a lead mean to your company? Many companies have different definitions depending on their sales cycle, but standard definition is a qualified potential buyer who shows some level of interest in purchasing your product or solution.


 The methods for generating leads typically fall under advertising, but may also be derived from non-paid sources such as organic search engine results or referrals from existing customers.  Leads may come from many different avenues like personal referrals, advertisements, telephone calls, emails, social media & websites.  A 2015 study found that 89% of respondents cited email as the most-used channel for generating leads, followed by content marketing, search engine, and finally events.  A study from 2014 found that direct traffic, search engines, and web referrals were the three most popular online channels for lead generation, accounting for 93% of leads.  A lead that has been generated for one company by another is usually sold to them to follow up on.  Once the buyer has agreed upon the terms of the leads they will review and follow up on the lead to verify that is has potential for a business transaction or service.  You can break lead generation up into two main categories: inbound and outbound. And as discussed above, you need to make sure that you keep in mind your nurture and customer retention marketing strategies as part of a holistic strategy.

Inbound Marketing

  • Inbound marketing is a technique for drawing customers to products and services using content from websites, blogs, social media & SEO. To truly work well, inbound marketing needs all of the tools just mentioned to be found and allow the consumer to learn useful information about the product or brand.


Outbound Marketing

  • Outbound marketing is using outbound forms of advertising to introduce your message and content to your prospects, usually through paid avenues, rather than making your content and messages available on your own websites, blogs & social media sites. These include email marketing, PPC ads & content syndication.


 Outbound techniques can get someone to think about your product or service even if they haven’t thought searched for it, since many of the methods you use should have more of a “wow” factor to make your company stand out. Outbound advertising is often highly targeted with your specific call-to-action easily spotted to push them to your desired purpose a little faster since you are paying for these impressions.

Most Important Tools For Inbound Marketing


A companys’ website is where it all begins. This should be the first place a consumer finds your products & services. Whether you’re call-to-action is a phone call, a newsletter sign-up or to fill out an email form, the key is to encourage these potential consumers to perform what ever you need them to do to convert into a sale of product or service.

Social Media

The rising increase in social media has probably catapulted this into the second most used form of capturing leads and sometimes first if a businesses website is not well optimized. Social media sites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Instagram have directly contributed to brand awareness and information in abundance. Through these social networks, buyers have the ability to learn about products & services through this modern day word of mouth referral, by their friends and peers. By using these social media sites you can be where your potential customers are and create trust which in turn generates buzz about your business. This buzz will hopefully equal a lead generated.



A blog is also another great place to gain trust and covert potential buyers interested in your products or services. Consumers can stumble onto your blog from searching on the web if it is well optimized and then follow a link back to your website, which should be designed to covert better than the blog. A nice blog will keep your readers interested and hopefully entice them into bookmarking it or better yet contact you.

Best Outbound Marketing Techniques

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a key component of every marketing campaign. Email campaigns should be used to stay in touch with your customers or promote a new product or service. According to MarketingSherpa, the most used lead generation tactic is email marketing, with 81% of respondents citing it as the most effective channel. By putting your content in front of prospects, you can find people who might not be looking for you.

Pay-per-Click Ads

Pay-per-Click (PPC ) ads charge you for each click on your ad which is displayed on a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing or on a website. They are a great way to draw attention to a new product or service. These ads are sponsored by the major search engines and shown higher up the search results page to gain more visibility. They are also highly targeted so they can generate very high quality leads. Advertisers bid on keyword phrases relevant to their target markets and your ads will display when a keyword query matches your chosen keyword list.

Content Syndication

Content Syndication is a great way to deliver high-value content to the correct prospects with a content sharing strategy that can be used to promote your whitepapers, articles & press releases. Through content syndication, your content appears on third-party sites and newsletters which is where your prospective buyers might start their purchase journey for your products & services. Because most content syndicators deliver leads directly to your inbox, it’s a great way to keep leads coming in the door.

If properly combining outbound and inbound marketing you can multiply the number of views you generate, dramatically increase sharing, and ultimately increase the number of potential customers who see your content. Call Affordable Web Designer & SEO if you are interested in us creating leads for your particular niche.  We won’t try to sell you a new website if you already have one but we may need to optimize the one you have as well as the Local Maps if they aren’t ranking and getting you traffic & leads.  We are lead generation experts and really specialize in inbound marketing.

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